4 Ways to Develop Your Problem Solving Ability

The problem is part of everyone’s life. We face different types of problems at different stages of life. in the simple terms problem refer to a situation which comes in front of us and we don’t know to handle it. every person deals with the problem differently. some get disturbed, irritated and some try to overcome this in a precise manner.

Problem-solving is an art. some times it is god gifted to someone or can be developed by learning some skills. these skills both in personal and professional lives.

To find an effective solution to a problem we need a set of skills that will help in not only developing a viable solution but at the same time shorten the time limit.


In order to find a solution to problem research plays an important role. we use 5W’s to conduct research. those are WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and WHO. By gathering the information you will be able to fully understand the problem at the same time grasp what the problem lacks a solution.

Decision Making

With the help of intellectual capital and real-time information at our hand. we are more confident in taking any decision with solid research and analytical skills, our decision-making skills will we profound and justified.


Dependence is a skill. it can be achieved by resolving more and more problems. it also creates a trust for your employer. thus gives you more authority to get the job done. hover dependability comes with its constraints. it’s less open-ended and time-critical.


It is used as a tool for identifying a problem. in order to find the actual cause of an obstacle, we need to properly communicate within an organization or in our daily lives. an intellectual has an ability as it minimizes confusion and makes the implementation of your solution much easier by properly communicate with employees.


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